Thinking Spring

My daughter is eight years old and often asks the most interesting questions.  So in a pre-emptive strike, I did a little research to find out why they call Spring Spring before she asks so I’ll seem smarter then I really am.  I also looked up “why is the sky blue”, but couldn’t make sense of it myself so moving on…..

 Before Spring was Spring it was called Lent in Old English.  Around the time William Wallace (Brave Heart, love that move) was fighting the English the term “Springing Time” was being used.  Picture plants “springing” from the ground.  It eventually shortened to “Spring Time” then eventually just “Spring” by the 16th century.

 So with that, here’s a few “Springing Time” chore reminders:

  • Window cleaning (nothing brightens up the house like a good window washing)
  • Change filters
  • Turn exterior water on to your faucets bibs and drag out hoses
  • Clean deck
  • Clean walk ways
  • Pull lawn furniture out
  • Prune trees/shrubs
  • Install window air conditioners
  • Schedule your furnace and air conditioner cleaning/inspection
  • Daylight saving starts on March 9th at 2AM, so move those clicks ahead 1 hour

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 If you curious about the history of summer, fall and winter, keep your eye out for future communication!